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Every writer needs books, which is why reading lists are so pivotal. Reading lists provide us with new takes, unexpected ideas, and fresh inspiration. Reading lists lead us to books: our physical connection into the world of publishing. Welcome to your home for curated reading lists, real-time recommendations, starred ratings and reviews, and every book you will ever need to help elevate your author career. Plus, we have a few just-for-fun reading lists, too!

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Recommended Reading

On this real time recommended reading list, you will find a list of top rated books on the publishing industry, craft, and other books to help you elevate your writing career.

Top 10 Books for Aspiring Authors on bookshelf with plants

Top 10 Books for Aspiring Authors

View our top 10 books for aspiring authors, focusing on the business of writing and publishing.

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21 Best Plot Twist Books

See our list of recommended books that are so expertly plotted and suitably disorienting that they make you sit up and say: “wait…what did I just read?


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15 Experimental Books that Bend the Rules

Experimental books can mean all sorts of different things to different readers, but that’s exactly why they’re so special: their difference. Imagine how boring it would be if authors wrote homogenously.

A woman on a couch reading literary fiction books

12 Literary Fiction Books That Will Remind You Why You Love Reading

First of all: What, exactly, is literary fiction, and what is the secret sauce behind good literary fiction books?

Woman in shadow sitting on windowsill reading books with unreliable narrators

40 Stunning Books with Unreliable Narrators

Books with unreliable narrators are usually first-person narratives designed by their authors to dislocate the reader and have you questioning everything you thought you knew.