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There’s no such thing as an aspiring writer. If you write, you are a writer. But there is such a thing as an aspiring author: writers who are serious about getting published. Aspiring Author offers you business advice for your entire writing career, skyrocketing you from writer, to aspiring author, to published author.


Ready to submit your manuscript to literary agents? These days, being a great writer isn’t enough; you need to be a marketer. If you don’t have a killer query letter to capture agents’ limited attention, you’ve fallen at the first hurdle. And writing a killer query letter comes down to exceptional marketing.

Our Query Doctor has 15+ years’ experience marketing for major global brands, including the U.K.’s largest publisher and the world’s largest entertainment corporation. She gets it. With our customized packages, we guarantee you a marketing query letter that will make you stand out from the masses.


A screen showing Gmail to indicate how to format your query letter
Query Letters

How to Format Your Query Letter

There’s really only one way to format your query letter. The rules around formatting are hard, fast, and should be religiously followed if you want ...
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A vintage photograph to represent how to personalize your query letter
Query Letters

How to Personalize Your Query Letter

There are two schools of thought when it comes to personalizing your query letter. One is to absolutely personalize your query letter so that the ...
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Hand knocking at green door with lemon wreath to represent query letter follow-up etiquette
Query Letters

Query Letter Follow-Up Etiquette: When and How to Follow Up With a Literary Agent

You’ve done the hard work with your query letter, and now comes the excruciating wait, the self-doubt, the endless questions around query letter follow-up etiquette. ...
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Aspiring Author offers business advice for writers looking to become commercially successful. It's the sweet spot where right brain meets left brain, where art meets business, and where craft becomes career.

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Natalie Harris-Spencer

I’m Natalie Harris-Spencer, English writer, editor, blogger, and debut novelist living in America. In my day job, I’m Director of Digital Marketing for a global digital advertising technology leader, with over a decade’s experience creating, project managing, and delivering world-class web content and global digital strategies. My passion is writing, with several published works under my belt, literary agent representation, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Stonecoast. I established Aspiring Author to share my business acumen with fellow aspiring authors, and to offer practical advice for writers looking to skyrocket their careers and achieve tangible, published results.