25 Hot Markets That Publish Humor Writing Submissions

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Like many writers, women, and creative humans, I like to think I’m pretty funny. When I was first looking to publish some of my satire, I scoured Submittable for markets publishing humor writing submissions and honestly, I struggled. This isn’t to say that they don’t exist; rather, Submittable showcases more literary magazines and journals because frankly, there are far more literary magazines out there that aspiring authors want to be published in! Satirical writing, like genre writing, requires a little bit of a deeper dive in order to find the best submission spots.

Unlike traditional literary magazines, humor publications tend to be online only, with many of them living out their comedic fantasies on Medium. You may want a “traditional” print pub, but online can be highly advantageous for your humor writing submissions for several reasons:

  • High traffic to these websites means you can reach a wider, potentially global audience
  • You can get a link back to your website, improving your online authority
  • Greater potential for your writing to go viral
  • Greater potential to make money, either as a paid contributor or from behind a paywall (Medium)
  • Greater potential for a book deal (hey, it’s happened to a fair few McSweeney’s and New Yorker writers)

Humor Writing Submissions: Top 25 Publications

In alphabetical order, here are 25 hot markets that publish humor writing submissions. This list is not exhaustive; it is simply an aggregation of some of the top spots to house your funny words. Some are more (a lot more) competitive than others. There are new markets accepting humor writing submissions cropping up all the time, so editors, please let me know If I am missing anything or if you would like your publication to be included:

1. 251

Micro-flash humor? Sign me up. Not fewer than 250 or 500 words, but 251 exactly. They call themselves “a daily humor publication dedicated to publishing prose 251 words or shorter, and cartoons that don’t take longer than four seconds to figure out.” They publish lists, confessions, funny-sounding words, obituaries and more.

2. American Bystander

This is one of the rarer print humor magazines, and producer of 251 above. They publish humorous prose and cartoons.

3. The Belladonna

A huge following on Medium, publishes humor by women/non-binary folk.

4. Clickhole

ClickHole’s one core belief is that “all web content deserves to go viral,” and their satirical, absurdist content often does exactly that. They don’t accept unsolicited submissions, but you can apply to be on their contributor roster.

5. Defenestration

This literary journal publishes a wide range of humor writing, including satire, poetry, and unusually, short stories, while visual submissions in any medium are also accepted.

6. Feathertale

Along with its website, Feathertale, the Feathertale Review is published in print twice a year and is distributed in bookstores in the United States and Canada. They are proud publishers of high- and low-brow humor.

7. Greener Pastures Magazine

Another Medium humor website, Green Pastures Magazine is “always looking for a better joke”. They’re looking for any humor pieces between 100 and 700 words, but they don’t accept fake news.

8. The Hard Times

Billed as a very real punk news site (i.e. a bunch of fake news), you can pitch  your funny ideas in batches of 5 headlines at a time.

9. The Haven

A Medium hot-spot that describes itself as “A Place to Be Funny Without Being a Jerk.” In other words, no gross, shock, or potty humor; purist comedy is best (although snark and swearing are encouraged).

10. The Honeypot

Sexy humor on Medium. Here for it.

11. Little Old Lady Comedy

Founded in 2017, LOLC features daily humor articles from over 500 contributors. Topics vary from marriage, to food, to the writing life.

12. Listverse

Where listicles come to party. Listverse publishes offbeat, humorous lists that uncover unexpected realities.

13. The Daily Mash

Like The Onion, but British. I especially enjoy their “whatever” response to opt-in to cookies. They do not accept unsolicited submissions, but are always happy to hear from new writers.

14. McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

The OG of satire, McSweeney’s has been around since 1998 and is regarded as the ultimate coup in humor writing. “It’s Decorative Gourd Season…” (expletives) might just be their best article of all time. Extra bonus: the editors get back to you in just two weeks.

15. The New Yorker: Shouts & Murmurs

Next to McSweeney’s, getting published in The New Yorker’s Shouts & Murmurs section is the holy grail of humor writing submissions. They don’t accept personal essays and prefer evergreen content. Even for such a mammoth publication, they read all submissions and respond within six months, which is nice. Best of luck!

16. The Offing: Wit Tea

Oh, witty. Get it? While The Offing is an online literary magazine, it promotes all genres and forms, hence its special humor writing section, Wit Tea.

17. Points in Case

This well-established daily humor publication has been running for nearly twenty-five years. It trends more on the literary side, with “punchy, elevated concept writing” and their response time is lightning fast: 10-14 days.

18. Reader’s Digest: Funny & Humor

This publishing behemoth not only accepts humor writing, but it notoriously pays handsomely. They’re looking for jokes, puns, riddles, and real-life funny stories. A little on the broad side of comedy, but who cares when you’re bringing home the bacon?

19. Reductress

This female-only satire magazine offers podcasts, workshops, and opens for pitches sporadically throughout the year.

20. The Rumpus: Funny Women

A paying market for women only, and a super fun website to boot. For some literary humor, I recommend “A Literary Agent’s Manuscript Wish List”.

21. The Satirist

Dubbed as “America’s most critical journal since 1999,” The Satirist holds a special place in my heart for publishing my first ever humor piece. The editor, Dan Geddes, is super nice. In addition to satire, they publish features, parody, “fake news”, fiction, poems, book reviews, movie reviews and essays.

22. Scary Mommy

For every mother at every stage, this non-patronizing (duh) publication publishes the light, the heavy, and everything in between.

23. Slackjaw

The largest humor site on Medium, Slackjaw is a prestigious humor site and the “#1 destination for all-things humor and think-pieces on cats”.

24. Suddenly Senior

Jokes and lolz for a more mature audience. The editors are looking for humor, wit, and wisdom.

25. Weekly Humorist

Weekly Humorist asks if you dream of being a highly paid, ​famous comedy writer? Living the opulent life that goes with such a lofty ​title? Well, this is not the publication for you. However, you get a pub cred. Score.

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